A Saturday in August

A Saturday in August
And a Brother’s got a tune
Swirling all through his head
so you best make some room.

For the freshest beat
you every gonna stomp to
And lyrical genius
Coming at you impromptu

So once again
get out your starter pistol
My  rhymes are at the gate
And I got em by the fistful.

This one starts
on a corner in Bethesda
Checking out a girl
in a fly red sweater

Baby girl smiles
in my direction
makes me have
a  little…  recollection

Of a time in my life
When a smile was the spice
For my love potion concoctions
Sweetened with nice.

But in 2010
the kitchen is closed
So I only wink back
And scratch my nose.

But Ms. Red Sweater
Ain’t  having just that
She speaks to brother
And winks right back

But my stomach is rumbling
And time’s running out
food’s the only thing
I’m thinking about

So   I nod to honey dip
on my way to the Metro
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll say “Hello.”

The moral of the story
the one I just told

a brother still got it
No matter how old