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“This is America” — Podcasting… Just for Fun

A casual chat in the studio with some old friends at “We R Sumthin Else.” Talking about Donald Glover, #AtlantaFX, Kanye, growing up in the South, America, white supremacy, living your best life– and oh, yeah,  a bit about “Strivers and Other Stories” too. Check it out. (And all their other episodes too).

Write and Author Interview

Interview in Write and Author I had an interview with the blog site Write and Author,  a resource dedicated to helping writers develop their craft and offer advice on publishing.  I discussed my writing process, influences, and why I like to write. Some excerpts from the Q&A: What do you love most about the writing process?The excitement of not knowing […]

My First Time at AWP; Panels, Nose Rings and Hip Hop

  Attended my first AWP conference this week and participated in WWPH’s panel on running a small press. 12K writers converged on DC and our sprawling convention center for 3 days of panels, readings, a massive book fair and that kind of casual social freedom people have when being amongst their own kind. Lots of […]

“Strivers” Selected for Writers in Schools Program

PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools “Strivers” was selected for inclusion in the PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools Program which is a literary arts outreach program that brings free copies of contemporary works of literature into Washington, DC schools, and arranges for the authors of those works to visit classrooms and discuss literature and the writing life. Teachers can request a visit via […]

Sankofa Video Books and Cafe Reading

Robert J Williams Reading at Sankofa Video Books and Cafe, Washington, DC Many thanks to Haile and Shirikiana Gerima and the staff at Sankofa Video, Books and Cafe for organizing the “Strivers and Other Stories” reading held Saturday November 12. It was a wonderful intimate space in the shadows of Howard University across the street. I felt the warmth of the legacy of the African-American literary tradition surrounding […]

WWPH Writers’ Center Reading

Robert J. Williams, author of "Strivers and Other Stories" reading at the Writets' Center, Bethesda, MD Thanks to the Writers’ Center in Bethesda for providing a great forum for the WWPH book launch event! The Writer’s Center is an invaluable resource to aspiring writers, writers and everyone in between. And wow, how did they secure that web domain,

Strivers Proof Copies

Received proof copies of SAOS recently. They look good.  Even though the trend-watchers say the hot color for book covers is BRIGHT yellow, I decided on an elegant colonial (or maybe steel?) blue that my designer Denise Nielsen of Pandenwolf Creative selected.  It’s actually a textured pattern, evoking cloth. At first we were going for an aged […]

Callaloo @ Oxford University

Spent a week of intense focus on the current writing project–a new novel–at the Callaloo Journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters Writing Workshop for fiction, lead by novelist Ravi Howard (If you don’t know him, get to know him: The workshop was held at Oxford University, one of three current academic locales that hosts Callaloo’s […]

Reading for WWPH Book Launch, Sun, 6 Nov, 2016 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The WWPH launch for its 2016 prize winners will be held Sun, 6 Nov, 2016 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda. Announcement: Join Laura Fargas and Robert Williams, winners of the annual Washington Writers’ Publishing House competition, for a reading. Fargas’s new collection, The Green of Ordinary Time, won the […]