These are critical years for a young Black man, the psychologists and sociologists now tell me. Your twenties, that’s where you shape the shape of things to come.

I am querying agents on my novel manuscript, working title: The Becoming.


While his fellow econ majors dream of Wall Street, big banks and prized management consulting firm gigs, 22 year old Black male SAMUEL ROGERS JENKINS, III finds that his choices are limited as his senior year of college is winding down. A whim leads him to journey down South, where the tool manufacturer “TGM” is looking for new sales reps.  After an adventurous and revealing job interview there, he returns to school in Philadelphia to finish his senior year and figure out “what next?”

With guidance and insight from a close friend, his parents and his own inner voice, Samuel faces real world choices with real world consequences.  After graduation, he starts to learn about who he is and what he hopes to become.


  • The high expectations for upper middle class Blacks
  • Being the “only”  in mostly white male environments
  • Race relations in the contemporary South and the vestiges of the Old South
  • Economic development in the South
  • Discovering the importance of mentors and connections
  • The mundanity of office life
  • Generation X/Y/Z finding its way in the traditional work world

Settings:  Modern day Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and  Spartanburg, S.C.

Length: About  90,000 words