I worked as a website and internet advertising copywriter at iXL from 1998 – 2001 and did a few freelance projects afterwards. I focused on manufacturing and financial services clients mostly. It was the height of the dot com era and there was no shortage of work.  In total, I wrote for over 40 engagements. A few samples and a full client list are below.

Full Client List at iXL

Client Major Projects My Role(s)
AOL Popup ads for third parties,
copywriting, copyediting
Amerix creative development, Web advertising copywriting, copyediting
Bell South Web ad campaign
Ad Headline Concepts
creative conception
Axent creative development copywriting, copyediting
Bank One Integrated ad campaign (Web, print, email)
Samples: Email – Home Equity Loan | Landing Page “50 Ways” | Print ad
creative conception, copywriting
Bonita Bay Properties Web ad campaign, creative development copywriting, copyediting
Capital One Web campaign for VisaBuxx Website Concept development, creative research
Consumer Club Creative development for start-up site
Website homepage concept 
creative conception, copywriting
Covance creative development, branding Tagline development
DuPont, branding style guide, promotional campaign copywriting, copyediting, content management
eAnnuity creative development
Website copy
Eastman Chemical Creative development  and content creation for, trade show video content audit, copywriting for site content, trade show video scripting, content management
Encore Software Web ad campaign and product microsites creative development, copywriting
First USA Web ad campaign (one of the largest to date)
Samples: Banners | Landing Page | Landing Page Titanium Card | Landing Page – Boston Affinity Card
Creative strategy, copywriting
GE Capital Creative development for European car loan site creative conception, copywriting, coordinating French translations
GE Careers Creative development and content creation for copywriting, copyediting
Gilat Branding of new satellite Internet service copywriting for packaging and collateral, brand name conception
HealthQuick Creative development for retail drugstore Web site copywriting for site merchandising
IXL Marketing Numerous collateral pieces, print, radio and recruitment ads, press releases, and business development proposals
Sample: Print ad
writing, creative conception
Kinedyne Creative development for catalog copy for product descriptions
Lockheed Martin Creative development for, copywriting, copyediting
My Favorite Shoe Creative development for creative conception, copywriting
Monsanto Copywriting, copyediting
Multipath Movies e-mail campaign, creative development for copywriting
Network Solutions Web ad campaign copywriting
Nextel Creative development for list manager application application  naming, creative conception, copywriting
NASDAQ Print ad copywriting
PBS Creative conception for adult learning site Copywriting, copyediting
PMMI Trade show collateral copywriting
S&K Menswear Creative development  for Web site Creative conception
Salix Branding, trade show video tagline development, video scripting
SBCA Trade show collateral copywriting
ShipChem Creative development for copywriting, copyediting
Slate Magazine Web ad campaign copywriting
SUPROY®SOY Creative development of branded site copywriting, copyediting, content management
Teligent Extranet branding
Sample: Mock home page
Name conception
U.S. Food Service Interactive sales tool (CD-ROM) copywriting
Varsity Group
Textbook website
Web ad campaign Creative conception copywriting
Washington Business Journal Videos video scripting
Wholehealth MD Creative development for health Web site copywriting Web advertising campaign creative conception, copywriting Web advertising campaign copywriting