The Golden Helmet



In the years just after school integration, a high school football game between the traditional Black high school and the traditional white high school gets scheduled. A few holdouts resistant to change try to maneuver to get the game cancelled, by warning of fighting and unearthing technicalities  A young player for the Black school who has to take his Calculus class at the white high school gets a taste of the tension felt on both sides of town. 

Genre: Drama
Setting: 1970s, a Southern city
Length: 130 pages
WGA Registration Number: 1531598

Good People


A family reunion provides an opportunity for  Yarbray, a troubled teen, to find a mysterious long lost relative whose unique name he shares.

Genre: Drama
Contemporary, Washington, D.C.
Length: 104 pages



A group of high school friends reconvene during their first winter break of their first year in college.  A night of partying gets out of hand. Real life consequences challenge the limits of friendship.

Genre: Drama
Setting: Contemporary, urban
Length:  117 pages

The Home House

Synopsis: Siblings reunite for their father’s funeral and have to decide whether to sell the house they grew up in. Along the way, they discover they never knew the father they thought they knew.

Genre:  Drama
Contemporary, rural.
Length:  84 pages

The Grid

Synopsis:  To help himself navigate the complexities of dating, a young software engineer creates a grid to explain Black female archetypes
 Contemporary, urban.
Length: Treatment