Assisted Living

She smelled a little like pee but other than that, she wasn’t too bad.



My first day there I sat in the one hard wooden chair they put in each resident’s room for their visitors. I asked Mrs. Hobbs over and over in a loud voice if she needed for me to do anything. She just sat in her leather chair as we watched afternoon talk shows on TV.  After around the seventh time I asked what I could do for her, she quietly told me to find a brush that was in her top dresser drawer.  I brushed her hair and even tried to style it a little bit. She had nice hair for an old lady; real thick and nice to touch.   The next couple of weeks we got into a routine of hair brushing, talk shows and just sitting. Being locked up in that room forced me to start in on my homework right away. I pulled my B+ to a low A in Algebra II. After a month, when the weather turned nicer, I would escort Mrs. Hobbs into the sunny common area which had a bunch of old TVs always turned to the same channel. There she got to spend time with all the others and listen to them ramble on about what was on their minds, like grandchildren who never came to visit. She started to like this part of my day a little too much and wanted me take her out there as soon I got to work, so every day we’d end up  in the common area; me, Mrs. Hobbs and a bunch of old people talking about their grown grandchildren.

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